All about Golf Putters

Golfers agree that out of the clubs found inside their bags, putters are the most important. After all, putters often determine the outcome of a game, especially since putts count for almost as half of your score.

Putters are the clubs most often used. A bad putter can stress you out, while a good putter can always give you a good game.

Read on below to learn more about golf putters.

What are Golf Putters

Golf -PuttersThese are clubs with lofts of not more than 10 degrees. They’re mainly designed to help the golf ball roll along the green towards the hole. Their standard measure is 34” for men and 33” for women.

Best golf clubs have standard lengths that have to be strictly implemented – except for putters. There are golfers who have extremely long putters, and some even have putters that go beyond the 48” limit. Some putters are even called as “belly putters” as they reach the golfer’s belly.

The club is the sole golf club that can be used on the green. You use it to make short and slow strokes. The putters’ main purpose is simple: to get the ball into the hole.

You really can’t say that golf clubs are indispensible, and any club can be replaced if needed. A putter, on the other hand, is a very important club to have – virtually every golfer has a putter inside his bag.

Putter Identification

Here are ways on identifying golf putters and distinguishing between kinds:

Using one finger, balance your putter’s shaft. After setting the putter, look at it and check what position the putter’s head is in.

  • Is the putter face looking upward? That’s a mallet or a face-balanced putter.
  • Is the putter toe pointing downward to the ground? That’s a blade or a toe-balanced putter.
  • Can’t determine because it’s somewhere in between? That’s a heel-toe putter.

What Makes Putters Different

Golf putters are differentiated from clubs (i.e. woods & irons) by its club head – putters’ club heads usually have a flat, low-profile and a low-loft striking face. Aside from the face, putters usually have unique features such as non-circular grips, bent shafts and positional guides.

Putters have a loft – usually around 5° – 6° but not more than 10° – and that helps lift the golf ball from any indentations made.

There are different kinds of putters: short, long, belly, bent, center-hosel, mallet, heel-toe, and so on. A golf bag usually has one putter.

The putter you have must be capable of giving you every possible advantage there is, such as good glide, smooth stroke, bounce-less topspin and a sweet impact. Putters recently manufactured have grooves to promote roll rather than having skid off the impact. The grooves add to the rolling distance and lessen chances of bouncing.

Choosing the Perfect Putter

There are a lot of putters out there so it’s going to be hard to find the perfect one for you. Do your research first to make sure that you’ll have one that’s just right for you.

Golf Putters

Don’t let a putter’s price be a major factor in whether you’ll be buying it or not. Let other factors such as stroke, length, weight and balance help you out in making a proper decision. Choosing the perfect putter is among the most important things you’ll have to do as a golfer, so don’t be hasty.

There’s no specific rule to follow with regard to golf putters. At the end of the day, what’s important is if it helps you get more putts, and if the putter hits the sweet spots. Does it? If it does, then it’s the putter for you.